Dawning of a New Day at Anderson Chiropractic Center

I would like to welcome you to my new blog.  I have chosen to post a picture of a beautiful sunrise here because I feel that making this website and starting this blog really is like the dawn of a new day for us.  It represents a new beginning, a new way of communicating, with our patients and with the world at large. 

These days the world changes quickly.  Two weeks ago, I had never seen a blog and the idea of having a website for our clinic was just an idea.  Now, thanks to our awesome web developer, we have a website we are proud of and I am not only reading blogs, I am writing one.

I plan to post here regularly on many different topics so I hope you will check back often.  I would like to use this forum to connect with you on ideas both philosophical and practical.  I look forward to sharing news about the work we do and hope to give you practical information you can use.

I am excited when I think about the possibilities of being able to 'speak' with you in a way that I would like to everyday in the office but am not always able to.  In writing here, neither of us will have any time constraints.  I can take my time to formulate my thoughts and you can read at your leisure. 

Once again, I welcome you and I welcome your feedback.  I promise you that whatever I write will be from my heart.
  Thank you for visiting my blog.